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The Feds’ ‘Ultimate Solution’ to Curb Distracted DrivingWired: Autopia

The feds still think they can create a technological solution to the distracted driving problem.

As we noted at the time, a key objective is limiting the amount of time a driver takes his eyes off the road or hands off the wheel, with a maximum of two seconds for each input and total of 12 seconds to complete a task. NHTSA wants automakers to make it impossible to enter text for messaging and internet browsing while the car is in motion, disable any kind of video functionality and prevent text-based information such as social media content or text messages from being displayed.


Why the 1967 Lotus 49 is the most beautiful Formula One racer ever builtThe Globe And Mail

You'll also notice that this is basically the model they used for all the race cars in Archer's Monte Carlo episode. There's a reason.

The 49 was the product of a brilliant but controversial team: Lotus president Colin Chapman and chief designer Maurice Philippe. Chapman was a genius cut from the same cloth as former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, with a laser-sharp mind, a vision of the future and a quick temper. Chapman was obsessed with making cars as light as possible: He reduced the number of rivets, shaved down panels and personally measured each drop of fuel that went in during pit stops.




Is there anyone here who wouldn't take the older one?

Even though PH is here as part of the E46 M3 CSL’s 10th birthday, suddenly that car seems uncharacteristically bland as you glimpse a silvery slice of iconic 70s shark nose bee-em tucked away in the corner of the workshop. This one’s in proper ‘Batmobile’ spec, a nickname the 3.0 CSL earned from its full aero package, comprising the deep front chin spoiler, the fins on the front wings, and the pair of spoilers mounted at the top of the rear window and on the boot lid.


Photo Credit: Getty Images, Pistonheads

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