Paul Bracq became BMW's Head of Design in 1971 after he made his mark at Mercedes-Benz. He was the man behind the original 5-Series (E12) and 3-Series (E21) as well as BMW's first concept car, the gullwinged Turbo Concept.


Despite being 81-years old now, the Frenchman will keep drawing as long as he remains in control of his mind and hands, which is nice to hear because his cars undoubtably inspired many of the current design bosses in the industry, not to mention all the kids playing with the Matchbox versions.

I myself would happily go for a nice E12 or E21 any day, and when it comes to his Turbo Concept, well, I'm surprised such awesomeness could be created in just six month time.

Long live that guard strip Paul, that was a clever idea!

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