The Fate Of The Furious Is Way Better With Jerry Seinfeld

It’s comedians, in cars, pulling heists and street racing. And getting coffee.

So, obviously, this is not an actual Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee episode featuring Vin Diesel and company. It’s Jerry Seinfeld rolling with the Fast Family through the magic of a few crudely edited trailers. Hilarity ensues.

I could see Seinfeld in a Fast 9 cameo. I mean, not really, there’s no way he could get roped into that kind of wackiness. Although the F&F posse did go to New York in the latest movie.

So it’s totally plausible.

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Tom McParland

(Read in Seinfeld voice) I mean what is the deal with all the shifts? They just shift and shift. How many gears do these guys have?