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The F1 Concept Lawn Mower Hauls Grass

Illustration for article titled The F1 Concept Lawn Mower Hauls Grass

This conceptual F1 lawn mower is so hot that the grass would thank you and your kids would be fighting over who gets to do the yard work. Masterfully designed and rendered by Frenchman Kadeg Boucher, this sleek beast features a number of clever touches including an LCD gauge steering wheel, F1-style front wing, race-helmeted spark plug, cockpit, centrally located pull crank handle and all sorts of other F1 touches as seen in the gallery below.


It comes in three versions: Schumacher/Ferrari red, all white and the John Player Lotus black-and-gold pictured above. All that's missing is a riding-mower version. Anyone think they can actually build it?[CG Forums via Autoblog]

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The front wing sticks out too far, preventing you from getting into corners and stuff. Otherwise, very very cool.