The Exquisite Interior Of The Volvo XC90 Excellence Will Melt Your Soul

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A properly luxurious interior does a few things. It doesn’t just have soft leather, or deep carpets. It removes all the cares of the world outside. It relaxes you, and reminds you of the beauty within. Take one look at the massaging chairs and the beautifully grained wood of the Volvo XC90 Excellence, and tell me it won’t do that.

The outside of the Volvo XC90 looks like every other new Volvo XC90 :


But the inside, man oh man, the inside is where the orgy of gorgeousity (I KNOW IT’S NOT A WORD I JUST MADE UP THAT WORD) is. Volvo took the rear two seats out of the normally seven-seat ‘90, and turned the rear bench into a conveyance for parallel thrones. It’s being unveiled in China, where everyone seems to like being chauffeured around, but that doesn’t matter.

Just look at it, and feast, if feasting was a thing you did with your eyes and a computer screen and other things you do just when you’re alone:

But because this picture is absurdly hi-resolution, we can zoom in, and enhance. It’s got a cup, made of hand-crafted Swedish crystal:


It’s got a table, made of hand-crafted, uh, table stuff:


It’s got wood, made of wood:


And it’s got everything else unffffffff:


In this case “everything else” means reclining and massaging seats, a 20-speaker Bowers and Wilkins sound system which is one (1!) more speaker than the regular car, a retractable touchscreen to control everything, a cup holder that both heats and chills the aforementioned cup, and additional solitude thanks to special noise-canceling tires.

But just look at that headrest. It’s got side bolstering, for your head.


My head needs more bolstering. A lot. More. Bolstering.

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