The Endless Corvette Summer

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Man, when we were 26, we couldn't afford a 'Vette. Then again, Alan Poster couldn't either, really. But just-divorced, he picked himself up a '68 Stingray convertible. Three months later, it was stolen, and it wasn't insured against theft because Poster couldn't afford it. 37 years later, now living in Petaluma, California (which was once a preferred partying town for us), Poster gets a call from a couple of NY cops who were following up on a routine Customs Service check informing him that his car was about to be shipped to Sweden. According Poster, "Things don't happen by accident. Things come back to me. I have no idea why. Maybe it all comes back to you at some point." If only that were true of women. [Thanks to CTE and Dan for the tip.]

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