The Electric Porsche Taycan May Look a Lot More 'Normal' Than the Mission E Concept

Photos: Porsche

I don’t think I’m alone in my love of the Porsche Mission E concept. Besides the impressive promised specs—670 horsepower, all-wheel drive with torque vectoring, zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds and an 80 percent charge in just 15 minutes—Porsche’s first foray into production electric cars just looked absolutely stunning. It was more of a 911 from 50 years from now, with two extra doors, than any sedan. So how much will get lost in translation when its production version, the Porsche Taycan, drops later this year?

Maybe a lot, actually. New teaser images—heavy on camouflage and only showing select angles—suggest it’ll look a lot closer to more conventional Porsches than the wild concept. Not surprising as far as concept cars go, but still a bit of a bummer.


In case you need a reminder, here is the Mission E concept:

And here are those Taycan images from Porsche today:


Between that and the top image, I think this will end up a lot more Panamera-ish—Panamerish?—than the concept let on.

And that’s fine! The current Porsche lineup looks extremely good. It’s hard to take issue with really any of those cars. Even the two crossovers are pretty great, and that’s difficult to pull off.


But anyone expecting a 10 cm ground clearance, wild fender arches that flowed into the bumper and an almost sports car-like roofline may be disappointed here.

Of course, I will reserve judgment until I see the full thing. You should do the same.


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