The Effects of Kapton on Fire: Mother Jones on Ford's Switch Problem

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Our pal Jason Rosenberg, who played guitar in the East Bay's late, lamented The Pattern, used to work at Mother Jones. We've always liked the mag, even as we can only take so much alarmism. But now, the MoJos have busted out with some insight into Ford's flaming cruise-control switch situation.


The problem, apparently, is Kapton, a DuPont-manufactured material that has been banned from use in US military aircraft due to its propensity to catch fire. Ford's being nebulous and denial-heavy, as is Texas Instruments, manufacturer of fine scientific calculators and fire-prone cruise-control switches. Ralph Nader, of course, is pissed. But even better, they've got flaming Pinto footage here. That's the real money shot.

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