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The Dynasphere Is The Awful Future We Always Dreamed Of

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The 1930s was one of those weird periods in history where everything seemed possible, and nothing would go to crap. In the future of the 1930s, everything would go whoosh, and everything would look awesome while you did it. The Dynasphere was that notion put into giant hamster-wheeled form.

(Full disclosure: The ever prescient Ronnie Schreiber over at TTAC picked up on the treasure trove that is British Pathé yesterday morning, but I swear Travis, Raphael, and I had a whole discussion about it about half an hour before Ronnie's post went up. Really, we did. We were going to do a regular thing on British Pathé videos anyway. Don't worry, readers, we've since swept the place for Bugs. Either that, or Ronnie's got a mind-reading device. Those guys are good, like that.)


Our spacey stablemates over at io9 already wrote up a great piece about the Dynasphere, but this is the first I've seen video of it. It looks like a fantastically futuristic way to get around, for the 1930s, if you ignore everything about it besides the aesthetics. Invented by JA Purves, which is not a name you forget, the single-person model ran on nothing but electricity.

Your tush was basically the suspension, and god helped you if it rained, but if you squint really really really hard, you can just picture yourself motoring down the street in what is essentially the world's most fabulously stylish giant spinning metal wheel of death.


And isn't that what we all want in life, deep down?