The Dubai Police Have A McLaren MP4-12C Now, So That's Good

Illustration for article titled The Dubai Police Have A McLaren MP4-12C Now, So Thats Good

Ask any cop, any real cop: no police department is truly complete without a British mid-engined Ferrari-fighting supercar. Now, the Dubai Police, having done without this necessary crime fighting tool for so long, finally get their own.

The Middle East's fanciest police department added the McLaren to their fleet earlier this month, according to their sometimes ridiculous Twitter account.

Their lineup already has a Mercedes SLS AMG, a Bentley, a Lamborghini Aventador, and most recently, a 700 horsepower Brabus G-Class. I'm sure your town's police department has the same stuff.


Police of Dubai, we in America wish you the best of luck in chasing down chromed-out supercars with your McLaren. May justice continue to be swift.

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