The Dual-Engined Volkswagen That Never Was

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Competition brings out the best in people, like Volkswagen engineers from the early 1980s tired of the Audi Quattro hogging the spotlight. Their answer? The Bimotor Scirocco: two 1.7-liter engines, 360 hp and a 0-60 ride in 4 seconds.


VW eventually produced just two working models of the twin-engine hatchback, one with custom race engines, the other with a more production-ready setup offering 282 hp. Each engine had its own transmission and drove its closest axle independently; VW came up with a simple system allowing the driver to vary the power split between the two engines. [BlakeZRong via Tumblr]

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Ultimately, I want to see this face off against the Mosler Twinstar. And thanks for the mention!