The drunkest drunk driver ever

What starts out as a slightly humorous video of a guy so wasted he's unable to stand slowly transforms itself into a slightly disturbing video of a guy so wasted he's unable to function.

Even the hardened police officers, who have seen a million drunk drivers in their days, can't help but abandon their hard-line interrogation for a little empathy. This guy's at the bottom. Or maybe the grimy, moist dirt just below the bottom. The stuff you wipe off your shoes before you enter the house.


How'd this guy get in a car in the first place? Who let him drive? Why does he keep wanting to stand up? Is he actually drunk? Or is he stoned? Or both?


There are too many questions to answer here and credit goes to the officers for calling an ambulance. This was only going to end with this guy in the hospital and we should be grateful that it appears no one else had to go with him.

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