The Driver In This Huge BTCC Crash Somehow Survived Without A Scratch

Driver Rob Collard was involved in a rather significant crash in today's BTCC #2 race at Silverstone. Rather amazingly, given how far his vehicle flew when clipped by another driver, Collard appears to have sustained no injuries.

The BTCC is reporting through its Facebook page that Collard was shaken up, but somehow miraculously avoided any injuries. Just in case, he has been airlifted out.

Rob is extremely shaken and winded but with no obvious injuries. He has been taken to the medical centre to be assessed further....We can confirm that Rob Collard has been airlifted to hospital for precautionary X-rays.


Managing Editor of the Touring Car Times Neil Hudson confirms that while Collard may be ship shape, his vehicle is most definitely not.


Hopefully there's no internal damage that the hospital will spot that isn't obvious from Collard's outside condition.

Video via YouTube.

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