The Driver Cam Is My New Favorite Onboard View

We're all familiar with what race cars look from the outside, or even out the front window. That being said, every once in a while, it's cool to see what the driver's up to. Behold, the driver cam.

Ryan Eversley's Acura TLX-GT in Pirelli World Challenge is more complicated than you'd think. Here's the steering wheel, much of which is shared with the Honda prototypes:


There are enough buttons, dials and paddles here to keep you more than occupied, and that's not even counting the serious business switch panel to the right of the driver.

So, Eversley pointed the camera back at himself for some time on the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg course. He didn't end up tinkering with too much beyond the paddle shifters, but you can still see that semi-terrifying look of concentration in his eyes.

More of this view, please. We need to determine who makes the funniest faces in the car.

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