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The Dot Com Bubble was good to me. As a high-powered Venture Capitalist in the mid-’90s, I spent the lions-share of my time in my Alpina B12 barking into my carphone, closing deals and tracking both of my racing yachts. I’d give anything to go back.


Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.

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Chika Croissant

The very car that ushered in the “Every performance vehicle is riding on dubs” era of cars. People saw big wheels and thought that meant performance and luxury (really it just means weight, as a heavy performance car needs giant discs to dissipate heat.   A light car can have 13s-15s no problem), so marketing told the engineers they needed to put big wheels on their sports cars, so people saw sports cars with big wheels and expected that, so marketing told the engineers they needed...... Ect ect.   So thanks to BMW and yuppie culture, F1 is going with gigantic low profile wheels to be pointlessly “Road relevant” :(  For a form follows function guy its kinda annoying.