The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Is Going To Suck Harder Than Metallica After They Sold Out

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is going to suck, like really suck. It will have largest cold-air intake ever installed, appropriately called “Air Grabber.” Does that mean the Demon will make a lot more horsepower? Who knows! But suck it will.


For their newest Demon trailer, Dodge has taken inspiration from—and I shit you not—“the poetry of Metallica.” Of course, Dodge doesn’t look back to the classic Metallica that we all banged our heads to as teenagers.

No, Dodge went post-sellout Metallica, Fuel-era Metallica, using the super cliché “Gimme fuel! Gimme fire! Gimme that which I desire!”, which they say  “speaks to all gearheads.” I strongly suggest going with Ride the Lightning on this one instead, but nobody listens to me.

But hey, it will have some crazy big, 45 cubic inch air intakes paired with two illuminated air catcher headlamps to FORCE all that induction!

So yeah, the new Challenger SRT Demon is going to literally suck. A lot.

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