The Detroit News Opines On Renewed Pony Car Wars

Illustration for article titled The Detroit News Opines On Renewed Pony Car Wars

Our buddy Scott Burgess over at the Detroit News has taken on the rekindled problem of which ponycar now reigns supreme. With the Ford Mustang GT500 and its thousands of variations, the reborn Dodge Challenger (now in SRT8 flavor), and the recently unveiled Chevy Camaro all vying for eyes, there won't be enough Calvin-peeing-on-competitor decals to go around. Though the conclusion is left up in the air, Scott still provides an amusing simile while comparing the Ford to Chuck Norris with a Bowflex. [Detroit News]




I love journalists that can't get grammar or spelling right. Not that I'm perfect, but they DO do this for a living. Scott does something just as offensive. He equates Chuck Norris with a piece of gym equipment that he doesn't endorse.