The DeLorean Is A Bucket List Car That Everyone Should Drive

You all know it was a pile of crap for numerous reasons but that doesn't matter because shiny gullwing movie car, and also that Matt Farah owns possibly the best example in the world. Yet the DMC-12 is always worth a revisit.

The DeLorean is a bucket list car everybody should experience because driving one can be more educational than a history semester. And certainly more fun. XCAR did us all a favor by putting some vintage DeLorean footage in their video and telling the whole story of John Z. DeLorean, the engineer genius who failed spectacularly as a businessman.


Their test car also happened to be a former daily driver with an automatic that remained unmolested and unrestored so far to show how a DeLorean stacks up after spending three decades on the road.

Did you also notice the MK2 hood? It came from November, 1981...

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Jonathan Harper

Having driven one of the worst examples of a Delorean, of ever, I have a really hard time imagining how a good example drives, or how there even possibly could be a "good" example.