The Definitive Visual Guide On How Not To Behave In A Motorcycle Race

Let Moto3 rider Romano Fenati demonstrate nearly every single bad behavior you could do in a motorcycle race. Fenati had a bit of a beef with fellow rider Niklas Ajo during the warm-up session for this weekend’s race, not only kicking at his competitor’s bike, but later reaching over and disabling that bike on the track.

[Note: Dorna blocks video embeds sometimes, so click here to watch if the embedded video above isn’t working for you.]


Bro. Bro. Brooooooo.

Chill out, Mister Brojangles. No need for violence.

Needless to say, Ajo didn’t react kindly to his bike being tampered with while everyone else was able to ride off.

Broseph H. Stalin, look at this finger. This aggression shall not stand.

The stewards at the Gran Premio Red Bull de la Republica Argentina didn’t like Fenati’s antics, either:


Kicking at another competitor’s bike and disabling it on the track will net you three penalty points, per the letter above. Fenati already had one penalty point, so this total of four points for the season meant that he had to start the race in Argentina from the back of the grid.


Don’t mess with another man’s bike, especially when he’s on it.


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