Illustration for article titled The De Lorean Car That Never Was: 1964 Pontiac Banshee For Sale

Back when John Z. De Lorean was coming up with cars like the GTO for the Pontiac Division, he also had this crazy idea for a "Mustang killer" that would be cheaper and lighter than a Corvette. Unfortunately, the Banshee was also faster than the Corvette, so the General's overlords- still pissed about the way John Z. sneaked the GTO out the door- axed it (though much of its styling lived on in later Corvettes and Firebirds). Only two roadworthy prototypes were built, a convertible and a coupe... and now that coupe can be yours! Just pony up the Buy It Now of a mere $1,500,000 and you'll own the Coolest Pontiac Ever. [eBay Motors]


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