The Traction Avant was the world's first front-wheel drive production car using a steel unibody construction. The car you drive today was most likely built the same way, yet no matter how successful it was, this car made André Citroën lose his company.

Now, here's where I should tell you more about the Traction Avant's fascinating life and the fact that I've seen a man taking his children to school in a black one day after day a few years ago in the middle of London's Camden Town. You could hear the unsynchronized gear changes from a mile ahead.


Well, that's that, and for the Traction Avant's history, I must bow towards Citroën, who put it together in much greater detail than I ever could.

Here's Citroen's whole Traction Avant press release, in French/English.

Amazing, especially when you consider their next car was the DS.

Keep scrolling for just some of the historic pictures the company has released and a video that's great even if you don't speak French.

Photo credit: Citroën