The Cute Little Suzuki Jimny Is Scared of the Big Bad Guardrails

Back in November, the adorably-illegal Suzuki Jimny reportedly ran into a problem during World Car of the Year testing, where a large concrete guardrail on a certain stretch of road needlessly activated the Jimny’s stability control.


You can see the stability control randomly kick on in the video from

According to CarAdvice, the issue with the stability control on that road happened multiple times, the video showing the third pass by the troublesome stretch of road. The Jimnys were flown to California for World Car of the Year testing by Suzuki for voting, despite not being available in the U.S. market.

Video of the “glitch” was sent back to Suzuki, which is now considering its options for how to prevent the stability control from automatically applying the brakes in similar conditions going forward.

Suzuki claims the braking should not dramatically impact the direction the vehicle is traveling, but CarAdvice points out that you can see the steering wheel jolt when the brakes are applied in the video.

The automaker plans to sell the Jimny as planned and will likely patch the issue with a software update once it’s worked out exactly what’s up. In the meantime, just try really hard not to crash, as the Jimny’s crash tests didn’t look too hot.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik


If your system is this shit it wasn’t worth paying to develop.

Am I talking about Kinja or or the Jimny stability control? Who knows.