The Custom Hearses Of The Polish President’s Funeral

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Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 95 others were killed in a plane crash on April 10th. Yesterday, over 100,000 mourners turned out for his funeral in Krakow where a Maserati Quattroporte and Hummer H1 served as hearses.

President Kaczynski and other Polish leaders were killed when their planed crashed on the approach to Smolensk airport in western Russia visiting the site of the Katyn Massacre. The accident has been blamed on heavy fog.


Most western leaders were unable to attend the funeral due to the ash cloud that halted most flights in and out of Europe over the weekend. President Obama's flight was canceled on Saturday. President Kaczynski's remains were air-lifted from Russia to Poland by a propeller-equipped military aircraft that spent the entire journey below the 19,700-foot ceiling created by the cloud.

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DISCUSSION can't be a Quattroporte. Technically it's Cinqueporte no? One extremely large door right? At least they got rid of that SMG transmission else it would be they would probably risk rocking the casket out the back of the hearse.