The Current Opel Adam Is Not Going To America

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The next generation might, but in this round, it's all Fiat 500 for you America!

As Patrick told you yesterday, rumors are coming from GM's side that Buick could use a small, fashionable hatchback in its lineup. You know, like fresh it up a bit so that other the elderly would buy their cars.

I went to Opel to see if there's any chance for the current generation to cross the water, but turns out there isn't. It just wasn't developed with American regulations in mind, and they won't make a different car just for North America like Fiat did with the 500.


Sad? Ask Citroën to send you the DS3 instead. Flood them with emails, poke them, whatever. It's a lovely car.

Yes, I would like to see French cars making a comeback in America.