While winter storms batter the country with sleet, ice, snow, and freezing rain, we should all be staying inside and away from civilization to stay safe. That being said, when everything calms down an opportunity for racing abounds. Ice racing, that is.

Ice racing is kind of a crazy sport to begin with, because it involves cars racing on ice and that's just silly-talk. There's a complete lack of traction so to actually be able to transmit power to the road you're going to need a lot of skill. Not to mention if you wanted to do anything like, turning, or something. But that's too nuts to even consider, right?


That's what makes Red Bull's video from a few years back of Sebastien Buemi driving his Scuderia Toro Rosso Formula One car on a frozen lake in Quebec so delightful. F1 cars are delicate machines, used to racing in mostly optimal track conditions with optimal pit facilities. Sure, it might rain every now and then, but that's actually a pretty uncommon event. Throwing one on ice, then, is just ridiculous and amazing.

So what are the craziest ice racing videos? Show us in the comments below!

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