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IIHS Small-Overlap Crash Test Results for Subcompact Cars Released, World Flips S@#t—Here's Why Everyone Should Calm DownCar and Driver

Poor Honda Fit. But is it even fair to judge cars that have been on the market for years on crash tests they were never designed for?


Just one year after the introduction of the small-overlap tests, very few manufacturers have been able to update models or introduce new vehicles that take the test into consideration, while the majority haven't. Note that of the 11 subcompacts tested, none have been wholly redesigned in the past two years (a new Fit is coming soon, however). If you're still uncomfortable about the small-overlap test results, and you find yourself about to get into an unavoidable frontal collision, make sure you hit whatever you're about to obliterate square—cars have been designed for decades to be their strongest in direct front-end collisions.

50 Years Past The Finish Line: Relive The Historic Monte Carlo Win For "33 EJB" — Mini

Okay, we almost never run stuff written by the manufacturers. But this story is legendary and they do it justice.

It was 50 years ago on this day that Belfast-born driver Paddy Hopkirk rode his Morris Mini Cooper "S" and its indelible number plate into the history books at Monte Carlo - in the ultimate underdog victory.


Crapcan racing 2014: Picking the right series for you and your heapHooniverse

Which racing series is ideal for you, your shoestring-budget team, and your piece of shit car? Hooniverse is here to help!

As low-dollar endurance racing has flourished, options have expanded for those looking to get the most bang for their crapcan buck. At the top of the heaps are the two biggest series: The 24 Hours of LeMons and ChumpCar World Series. Both have put their unique stamp on budget road racing and attracted their dedicated followings, although many teams regularly cross over between the two.

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