The Costs of Replacing Parts on a Bugatti Veyron Are Hilarious

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Sometimes, you don’t have to tell jokes to be a comedian. Just take a look at the nearest Bugatti Veyron, which can’t even talk—its maintenance prices alone are enough to keep you laughing quite awhile, whether that be in total denial or in the realization that, yes, people do spend $42,000 to replace turbochargers.

Supercars like the Veyron aren’t just fast and cool for a one-stop price of $1 million or so. The hits just keep on coming, like the rumored $20,000 oil change on the Veyron due to how complex it is to carry out, and regular maintenance on the vehicle that costs about as much as the average car.

Friend of Jalopnik Bozi Tatarevic found U.S. Environmental Protection Agency documents for Road and Track recently that ran down the costs of replacement parts and labor on the Veyron, and, like the Veyron itself, they’re astronomically expensive. Parts listed on the EPA documents range from $9 camshaft position sensors to a $20,000 fuel tank, but labor is where things get ugly.


Only one of the replacements on the EPA documents is less than four digits in terms of labor, with labor to replace the powertrain control module running $680. Then there’s the labor to replace the $20,000 fuel tank, which is the price of an actual car at a cool $23,000. Here’s more, from Road and Track:

The intake manifold is sold in three pieces, with the upper portions for each bank coming in at $4,000 a piece, while the lower intake manifold costs $2,000. Labor to replace it is listed as being $1,800. In comparison, an intake manifold for the Lamborghini Huracan comes in at just over $1,200, and one for something a little more common like a Corvette is about $220.

The W16 engine in the Veyron is fed by four turbochargers and, unsurprisingly, they are some of the most expensive items on this parts list. According to the prices that are listed, it costs $6,400 to replace each individual turbo and the labor involved comes out to around $9,000 per pair. The total repair price? More than $21,000 per side. The turbochargers feed air to a pair of charge air coolers which each cost $9,000, and labor comes in at $2,000 per cooler. The key is to get them both replaced at the same time, because then labor for the pair drops to $2,200.


Road and Track has plenty more breakdowns of costs here, in case you needed to edit your “Used Bugatti Veyron” budget list—you know, for future reference.