The Corvette C6.R Comes Out To Play — Err — Practice

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This image was lost some time after publication.

With IndyCar's Saturday practice session over here at the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix it's time for the ALMS cars to get a chance to burn up some rubber and turn a tire or two into little rubber pellets for collection in the corners of the Belle Isle track. Ben caught one of the Corvette C6.R's as it gets ready to rub that rubber off courtesy of the big 7.0-liter 560 HP engine. Keep your eyes on our Detroit Grand Prix tag — we'll have more of our live coverage from Belle Isle coming throughout the weekend.

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Ben Wojdyla

They actually have a huge paddock area, poured especially for this race, with excellent workspace, well provided viewing for fans, and a nice lemony scent.

Belle Isle itself is actually looking quite nice. fresh grass, new walkways and bridges, and all the litter that's normally here, is absent.