The Correct Way To Pronounce Koenigsegg

Some of the most mystifying cars made today come from the small Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg. They also posses one of the most difficult names to pronounce correctly. Thankfully, the Youtube channel Pronunciation Manual is here to help.


As you can see the correct way to pronounce Koenigsegg is "kiyuuuounigeh-souyyuhnegehgee." Definitely won't get that one wrong again.

These helpful YouTuber's (YouTubians? YouTubeites?) have helped with the pronunciation of other popular car makers as well. For instance, did you know that Porsche is actually pronounced "pwwoooooooooaaaaaaaaasssssshhhhhhhhhhh?"

I'd been getting that wrong for years and it seems like many of you must be too since that was number ten on our Ten Hardest Car Names To Pronounce list. I've embedded their car related videos below and check out their channel for help with all your pronunciation needs.

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