Numbers are boring, most violent animal names are already taken. What do you do? Use lots of vowels and letter combinations the British can't decode. Welcome to the ten hardest names in the car industry!

10.) Porsche

You would think it's easy, right? Not in America. Ferdinand would be disappointed.


I'm always confused how people can drive a porch.....I know it has to be slower than any Porsche. What's even more annoying is being corrected when you try and tell someone how to say it or spell it. I now understand why Germans get so angry.


Matt White:

To be fair I have heard a lot of brits pronounce it Porsh. Drives me nuts just as much as my fellow countrymen saying Porch. No! Its Porsh-ah.


Because we're lazy and have never pronounced it right. If you mispronounce my last name I'll correct you, why should Porsche be different. It's not a word open to interpretation, it's a man's name.

I imagine Ferdinand sitting in a modern Porsche service department, waiting for his 991 that's in the shop, when the service writer pages him, "Mister Porsh, your vehicle is ready."


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9.) Volkswagen Touareg


Car makers like to give exotic names to rather boring cars to make them sexier. Problem is, too many vowels next to each other are confusing as hell.


I have never been able to pronounce the VW Touareg correctly is it the Tour-a-reg? Too-a-reg? Towereg? Screw it I'll just call it the VW SUV.




Wish I could find the commercial that pokes fun at this.

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8.) Lancia


Lancia is one of the oldest names in the business, still, the British are unable to get its name right. No problem, it's very simple.


Of the major brands it's probably Lancia which English-language folks pronounce as lan-SEE-a but is actually LAN-cha in Italian.


Now say it three times. Italian women will appreciate the effort.

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7.) Peugeot


French is hard to get, I know. Omelette du fromage.


Most people I know wouldn't even know that's a car company, and the few that do probably wouldn't pronounce it PYOO-jit as would be tempting to do just by looking at it.



I've heard many call it Poo-Jee-Ott, which actually more resembles a Pokemon name than the actual pronunciation of the vehicle brand.



Irish people pronounce it "pew-jo", which drives me bananas, even though the British way I say it ("puhr-jo") is also wrong. Just less wrong.

At least Americans don't have to deal with the French.

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6.) Maserati Ghibli


The original Ghibli was a Ghia bodied coupe instead of something built for the Chinese. Still, the name remains equally challenging for most.


Maserati Giblets.

Try selling that!

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5.) Nissan Qashqai


Nissan went with Q instead of a K and lots of vowels. It's the Touareg affair all over again.

Thomas R:

I once referred to it as the CashCow, as it was one of the biggest money-spinners for Nissan when it came out...


It still is since nobody wants GT-Rs.

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4.) Lamborghini Countach


Oh, the Lamborghinis. First of all, you have to be aware how a g and an h work next to each other in Italian. Then, you have the Countach.

Or the Murcielago. Or the new Huracan. The name-game never ends, but that's actually a good thing.


JayZAyEighty Oppositelocksmith:

Americans have trouble with Citroën, Renault and Peugeot. Some people also pronounce the Countach as "count-tak" or "count-age" with the g as in the word "mirage." There are also the douchey people who pronounce Audi as "Oddie" to sound cool.


Suggested By: JayZAyEighty Oppositelocksmith, Photo Credit: Alexandre Prévot

3.) Hyundai

Like Sunday!

I'm doing it wrong.

Suggested By: DeeVeeOus


2.) Rolls-Royce Camargue


Penned by the same man who did the Fiat 130 Coupe at Pininfarina, the Camargue wasn't the most successful Rolls-Royce. In fact, it was a failure. But was it the looks, or was it the name?

Suggested By: Green Pig, Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


1.) SSC Tuatara


The SSC Tuatara, another vowel king.

We know it looks like a UFO. We know it's got a 1,350 hp twin-turbo engine from Nelson Racing Engines.


We have no idea how you pronounce its name, or if it ever will be ready. Have a guess.

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