Colin Chapman's famous adage "simplify, then add lightness" is basically the Gospel around these parts. Engineers go to incredible extremes to take out unnecessary weight in a car, all in the name of performance and efficiency. What's the coolest example you've seen?

Pictured above is a replica of the key used to start a Porsche 917, which was drilled out to save a couple of grams of weight. Doesn't seem like it would make much of a difference, but in an incredibly competitive race like Le Mans, every detail is important.

I just love that the Porsche engineers were so obsessed with weight savings, and I think this is the most clever bit of "adding lightness" I've ever seen. Also, I want this key for all my key-related needs, even my apartment.

There's surely many other amazing examples of of the obsession over weight savings that I don't know about, so share them in the comments! What's the coolest example of weight savings that you've seen?

Photo Credit: D-Zug