Last weekend I decided to visit Detroit's Eastern Market for some fresh veggies and people watching, but something shiny at the antique dealer caught my eye: these super-cool 1959 Impala-emulating cuff links.


After picking up some nice produce and inspecting the progress on the geothermally radiant-floor heated barn renovation, I moved over to the antique dealer just for kicks. Cuff links are one of the few luxuries I grant myself, usually going for the clever vintage ones, especially if they're a good price. When I was perusing a box of links, the vendor lifted it up to reveal a whole lot more below, and there they were, the new favorite links. They aren't perfect; one of the fins has been bent and corrected, leaving some cracked chrome. Deficiencies aside, they're otherwise an excellent representation of the tail end of a 1959 Chevrolet Impala. Tagged price was $35 but I managed to get him down to $15. Next press conference, Motor City Blogman Todd Lassa is totally going down in the cuff link battle royale.