Photo credit: Toyota

With only Toyota and Porsche left in the World Endurance Championship’s top hybrid LMP1 class, we’re all curious as to what their cars will look like this year. Will this year’s Toyota be stronger after last year’s heartbreaking loss at Le Mans? Either way, here’s a brief look at the 2017 Toyota TS050 rear end.

LMPone on Twitter did us all a favor and tweaked the images of the car in one of Toyota’s teaser shots to show off what little detail is there:


Anybody else getting any hints of the McLaren P1 back there with the curves at the back of the car, behind the rear wheels? Photoshop on some red light bars and it would be all I could see.

Toyota released an official teaser video in early February revealing the car, but not too many of its details.

Sure enough, that’s the bulbous looking rump in the teaser image—we’ve just got a better view of it now. The 2017 car is an evolution of last year’s TS050, so hopefully, they’ve beefed up every possible connector they can think of in the offseason.


The new car features significant upgrades to its engine, battery and hybrid system, reports Daily Sportscar. It is also believed to have a new gearbox in addition to heavily revised aerodynamics.

The team will run three cars at Le Mans this year, thus increasing their chances at finally getting that win.


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