I can personally attest that our pals at the Classic Car Club Manhattan have a wildly eclectic collection that includes old and new exotics, classic American iron, and tons of racing cars. But what about their counterparts in London?

Turns out it's just what you would expect: classy as all hell. After all, it's London, baby. You've gotta roll like a proper gentleman or lady in this town, and if you're a member of the club, you can do exactly that whenever you want.


In this video, the folks at XCAR go for a night drive with the Classic Car Club in London, and it's a tour de force of grade-A car porn. A 1973 Rolls-Royce, a 1975 Aston Martin V8 Vantage, A Mercedes-Benz 450SL, a TVR Chimera (!!!) and a Volvo P1800S are just some of their fantastic offerings.

Wonderful menu you Brits have. I'd be happy to take any one of them for a spin, let alone several like XCAR did.


Which would you take home?

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