The Chinese Victory X1 Is Almost A Cadillac Escalade EXT For $11,000

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Why would you buy a front-wheel drive BMW X1 when for much less money, there’s another X1 on the market? The Shanxi Victory X1 looks just like a Cadillac, so premium quality is almost guaranteed. Almost.

A bargain Porsche Macan would be too small to carry your manhood around? How about a hairy-chested Cadillac pickup truck?


The only problem is that an Escalade EXT was discontinued two years ago. Thankfully, not in China though, where the Shanxi Victory Group based in the great city of Changzhi just started making their X1 with a 2.4 Mitsubishi four banger and a five-speed manual.

That naturally-aspirated Mitsubishi engine has been around since the dawn of times, but still gives you 136 horsepower and some torque that only needs to move 3,626 pounds of Chinese wonder. Than again, where else can you buy a pickup truck for under eleven grand?


I bet Ashley Schaeffer Imports could sell me one with a three-year warranty. For more amazing pictures of this fantastic vehicle, visit Car News China.

Photo credit: Car News China


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