The Chevy V8-Powered FJ40 Frankenbuggy Is Alive! It's Alive!

Illustration for article titled The Chevy V8-Powered FJ40 Frankenbuggy Is Alive! Its Alive!

When reader Socialvegetable shared photos of this wicked mud buggy for sale we had to know more so we dialed the seller up to ask him what mixture of genius and poverty led to its creation.


This beast started off as a 1978 Toyota FJ40, which our hero, Kenny, stripped down and started building into a buggy to use for off-roading with his pals. Halfway into it, Kenny discovered how much a pain in the ass finding parts for FJ40s can be and decided to toss in the whole powertrain from an '86 Chevy K5 Blazer — a GM 350 V8's a whole lot easier to maintain.

The entire roll cage is custom made and there's extensive water proofing. To top it off it's got a certain blisteringly cool, form-over-function aesthetic we can't help but love. And it's still for sale for the low-low price of $1,500. The only question, really, is what kind of apocalypse is this beast best suited to?


(Thanks for the tip Socialvegetable!. And by the way, that was very on-topic)

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That's what my Warthog looks like after a good round of Halo action.