Say what you will about Dodge’s lineup, but they know how to make cars that look mean and sound meaner. As expected the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will have a gnarly rumble which you can download as a ringtone because apparently, this is 2004.

In the latest video installment of, WILL YOU JUST SHOW US THE DAMN CAR ALREADY, Dodge debuts the Demon’s signature sound, but it seems even they aren’t so sure about it,


“This week’s release couldn’t be more fitting of Dodge’s “If you know, you know” tagline, because “if you know” you will hear extreme performance, but those who don’t will think something is wrong with the engine.”

The unique sound is the result of the Demon’s advanced torque reserve launch system, which Dodge says is the first ever on a production car. Basically, the system allows more airflow into the engine which increases the supercharger RPM, but it doesn’t overwhelm the brakes with excessive torque.

The torque reserve system activates in Launch Mode when the motor is above 1000 RPM and does two main things:

  • It closes the bypass valve on the supercharger, “prefilling” the supercharger
  • It manages fuel flow to cylinders and changes spark timing. To balance engine rpm and torque, the Challenger SRT Demon’s powertrain controller will briefly cut fuel flow to selected cylinders. This creates the noticeable change in the exhaust tone. The controller also advances or retards the ignition timing to fine-tune the engine rpm/torque balance

In essence, the boost build up allows for quicker launches without sacrificing traction. And of course, there are more clues because, “Remember, nothing is a coincidence and everything means something.”


This latest clue is actually quite simple to solve. As our own Jason Torchinsky figured out, the Demon will get 3.9 MPG, leading to an extra $221 per week to commute on the 405 in Los Angeles.

Easy peasy. Next clue, Dodge?

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