'The Camaro IROC-Z 5.7 Is A Good Thing Made Better'

Good things are good. But better versions of good things? Well those aren't just good, they're also better.

The Camaro IROC-Z is just one such good thing that has been made better. In this case, the IROC has the 5.7 liter V8 from the Corvette with different heads and exhaust manifold. That means it has 10 less horsepower.


No problem, you say. Corvettes are fast. Well, this was the '80s, and the Vette had 230 horsepower. That's right, this is 220 horsepower from 5.7 liters. At least it has 320 pound feet of torque. And you can only get it with an automatic. Ugggghhhhhhh.

That motivates the fastest Camaro through the quarter mile in 14.5 seconds at 95 MPH, which is deemed "very fast."

Ok, enough of me. Take this time to learn about the IROC and it's excellent poise through the twisties.

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