The Bulgarian Teen Who Built His Own BMW Racer

Denislav Shishev's an 18-year-old Bulgarian who probably does more before breakfast that you do all week. In 2009 he took a wrecked BMW M Coupe and put in a 530-hp BMW V10. Now he races it professionally.


Young Denislav started racing carts when he was just 7. At 14 he was competing in drift competitions. By 17 he was winning Time Attack races and racing his E30 M3 professionally. Last year he decided to upgrade.

Denislav and his racing team purchased a rolled and forlorn junkyard BMW M Coupe and set to work on it. They completely stripped the busted body work off, installed a full roll cage, new suspension bits and joyous amounts of chassis reinforcement. Why? Because they were also putting in a rootin' tootin' 530 hp BMW 5.0L V10 salvaged from and E60 M5.

They actually had to stretch the crash beam mounts a few inches to make it fit, but Denislav and his buddies took what was already a pretty power dense machine and turned up the heat. The V10, its transmission, and a donor M5 rear end were swapped into the petite M coupe, everything was finished off with a coat of many BMW colors and the result is a one-of-a-kind racer packing 442 rear wheel horsepower. Suh-weeeet!


Denislav will be piloting the beast in the 2010 Bulgarian championship series and probably causing a few rules changes along the way. We've known a few Bulgarians in our time and they're all this awesome. Go check out his website were there are literally hundreds of photos of the build process. [Denislav Shishev via E90 Post]

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