Buick might have a reputation as a car for old men here in America, but in China, Buick is the bee's knees. Everyone wants one. Today at the Shanghai Auto Show, they introduced the Riviera Design Study, a hot coupe that they'll never build.

The Riviera name has about zero meaning to younger folks in America. That's why Buick introduced the car in China. In China, Buick is a heritage brand. Powerful government officials rode in Buicks. Upper class members drove Buicks.

The Riviera name should have cachet with that audience.

So what do we have here? Well, rather than a concept or a prototype, we have a design study. That means that this is the possible direction of Buick in the next decade.

I like what I see. The low, long hood, the integrated grille, the low roofline, the character lines on the doors, it all adds up to create something cohesive and sleek.


We'll see more of the Riviera as the Shanghai Auto Show continues this weekend.