The Buick Enclave's DVD Screen Is Placed Out Of 'The Puke Zone'

On Take Your Child to Work Day, General Motors did the natural thing and put a bunch of kids to work. But by doing that, they found out the Buick Enclave has a rear entertainment system that won't make a kid barf. What computer would tell you that?

GM's Human Factors group, which sounds like the title of an upcoming CBS show, conducts studies about tons of little things that might drive you or your passengers crazy about one car. Like how hard it is to buckle and unbuckle a seatbelt. That's why they need kids to help.


For the puking study, GM wanted to see how placement of the Buick Enclave's rear DVD screen affected motion sickness. They used more than 75 kids for the study, according to GM, and determined the best place for the monitor – out of "the puke zone," as it came to be known.

So the next time your kids are watching a movie in the back of an Enclave, thank Take Your Child to Work Day for not having to clean up a partially digested Happy Meal from your carpet.

Photo: Buick

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