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In a torrent-ial downpour of downloadin' goodness, Top Gear is finally back — and thanks to our friends at Final Gear (the one-stop shop for all us renegades who aren't lucky enough to get the Beeb), we've got the scoop on where you can get all of that downloadin' goodness. No guarantees on how long it'll be up — or even the legalities of such things — but we're providing this information to you as an fyi and of course, don't condone your usage of such illegitimate means of viewing the not-yet-in-the-US bestest auto show on Earth. So hit that jump to find the site, you know, for like educational purposes and stuff. (hat tip to zeroSignal)

Top Gear Season 8, Episode #1 [mininova]

More Top Gear [internal]


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