The Bravo Is The "Ideal Synthesis Of Beauty And Substance": Gushing Press Release Introduces Fiat's New Five-Door

I love when a press release tells me what I'll feel when I look at a vehicle. In the case of Fiat's lovingly worded press release touting the Bravo as the "ideal synthesis of Beauty and Substance" — apparently emotions overwhelmed the PR folks, causing them to capitalize both words — we're told "the new Bravo arouses emotions at first glance." Well yes, it does — it arouses emotions of vomit at the thought of a car being named after a network making its name off of a show about a bunch of not-so-hetero men making perfectly good schleps all pretty. I mean, if you're a schlep, roll with it, baby — don't pump style over "Substance." Still, the turbodiesel 1.9 Multijets (120 and 150 bhp), the 90 bhp 1.4, and a new family of turbocharged T-JET petrol engines (120 and 150 bhp 1.4 Turbo) — sound interesting enough on a little hot hatch. Full gallery via the link and the full press release in all its "Substance" after the jump. Oh, are you wondering about the music? Since there's so much "Substance" already, I decided to give it some zazz for fun.


[Fiat Bravo Gallery]

On January 29, the new Fiat Bravo will be presented to the international media in Rome, going on the market all over Europe in the following weeks.

The model is built in the Piedimonte S. Germano plant (Frosinone), and aims to become a benchmark in the most important segment of the European market. To achieve this goal, the Fiat Bravo has been designed and developed as the ideal synthesis of Beauty and Substance.

Beauty as the most up-to-date expression of Italian style

Developed by the Fiat Style Centre, the exterior design of the model is unmistakably 'Italian', another step forward in the development of the brand's new stylistic identity.

The new Bravo arouses emotions at first glance, and it welcomes driver and passengers aboard in a passenger compartment where they will appreciate the quality of the materials and the care dedicated to even the smallest detail.

The Fiat Bravo cleverly combines a compact five-door body with an extraordinary amount of interior roominess: it is 434 centimetres long, 179 cm wide, and 149 cm high, with a wheelbase of 2.6 metres, and a loading capacity of 400 litres that tops its class.

Substance in the form of an innovative, reliable, quality car

The Fiat Bravo aims to be a car of 'substance', thanks to a lavish array of technological features and quality standards worthy of a higher class where safety, comfort and driving enjoyment are concerned.

The Fiat Bravo is an agile car that is entertaining to drive in every situation, thanks in part to the wide choice of engines, which include the popular turbodiesel 1.9 Multijets (120 and 150 bhp), the 90 bhp 1.4, and a new family of turbocharged T-JET petrol engines (120 and 150 bhp 1.4 Turbo) that now make their debut, combining low consumption and outstanding performance.


Spy Photos: Fiat Punto Turbo; Bond-a Bear: Fiat's Panda Sport [internal]

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