The BMW 2002 is great. The BMW E30 M3 is great. So what happens when you put them together. It's called the M2, and yeah, it's great. Like really great.

Marc Norris' Bavarian Workshop had a customer that wanted to have his father's 2002 restored. But then he had a friend with a twin-turbo 2002 and he got envious.

That's when he commissioned Marc to build a special kind of car. It would have the feeling and performance of the E30 M3, but it would encased in the sultry body of the BMW 2002.

Under the hood, the M2 has BMW's famous S14 engine, which is the heart of the E30 M3. Then there are the chassis and suspension mods. Alpina wheels. Wilwood brakes. Custom coilovers. Everything stiffened. Custom driveshaft and suspension.

Marc says it was an easy fit, and what you get is a 1976 car that goes like hell and leaves you with a grin. Just listen to it. It'll make you grin too.


(Hat Tip to Andrew!)