The BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe Is The 4-Series Sedan We've Always Wanted

I think the BMW 4-Series is a pretty attractive car. There's just one problem with it, though: it only has two doors! That coupe body style may look good, but it's awfully impractical. Fortunately, BMW is coming out with a 4-Series with four doors, and this is it.


Meet the 4-Series Gran Coupe, which is the sedan version of the 4-Series. It expands on BMW's idea of making their cars more practical, just like they did with the 6-Series Gran Coupe; that's a sedan version of the 6-Series.

It kind of makes you wonder why it took BMW so many years to make sedan versions of their cars.

What appear to be patent photos of the Gran Coupe showed up recently on F30 Post, and despite the lack of detail, they give us a pretty good idea of what the car will look like.


Expect an M4 Gran Coupe at some point as well, because a sedan version of the M4 is a great idea.

For real.

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