The Bluest Car Interiors Ever Made

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I challenge you to show us an interior that's supremely blue. Good luck!

Regular Car Reviews believes blue interiors were invented in the nineties, but of course Germany was way ahead of the Japanese competition, with Zender spawning this beautiful Mercedes-Benz 280TE wagon in 1980.


Of course Zender has been out of business since 2008, but back in the glory days, they could charge four times as much for a Mercedes as its list price. An if the car you gave them was a W123 wagon, they even put a dog in it.

On the outside, Zender's 280TE stayed fairly modest with BBS rims, a lowered suspension, new bumpers and all the brightwork repainted in dark blue. Under the hood, the car also got the AMG treatment and about 215 horses. But it's what's on the inside that counts.


Blue Alcantara from top to bottom, with matching floormats made of lambswool. A sporty steering wheel, a pair of Recaro seats at the front and roof-mounted headrests at the back. The carphone also ended up stuck to the headliner. Add 200 watts of German techno to the mix, plus an enlarged glovebox converted into a fridge for a casual DUI.

Quite a package, and I wonder if you can beat the Germans by showing us an interior with more blueberries.

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Challenge accepted.

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