The 'Black Bison' Suzuki Jimny Wants to Eat Your Soul

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The Suzuki Jimny is supposed to be cute—that’s how it’s always been, and even with the new G-Wagen-ish generation, that’s how it is today. But that hasn’t stopped Japanese tuning company Wald from building this monster: the Wald Sports Line Black Bison edition. Here’s a closer look at the tiny beast.


For some reason, lots of people like their cars to look angry—especially when those cars are off-roaders. Perhaps there’s a psychologist out there who can answer why exactly this is, but in any case, it’s a desire that the tuning company Wald has been tapping into for a while with its “Black Bison” editions of all sorts of cars, including the Mercedes V-Class van and BMW 7 Series.

Now the Black Bison treatment has made its way to the critically acclaimed new Suzuki Jimny, giving the little off-roader a lift kit; giant tires on black wheels; special fender flares; a unique grille and bumper; a hood with what appear to be enormous intakes and vents; unique lighting all over the place; roof spoilers at the front and rear; and more. Here’s Wald’s description from its website:

To create the volume on the body and for the aggressive size wheels and tires, the sense of unity is given with the Front Bumper arranged 4PC LED Lamp Units, the Over Fenders and the Rear Bumper Panel for the Exterior Modification Basement. The Front Grille with Headlight Covers are designed as the 1 exterior part, and the Add-On Type Aero Bonnet transforms the Light-Weight SUV into the Aggressive Style 4WD Model. On the Roof Part, WALD developed the Roof LED Basement for Front and Rear Wing for the Rear End.


The spare tire on the rear door has been removed, possibly because the larger spare wouldn’t fit right, or maybe it would obscure rearward visibility. That’s a shame, because an SUV with a rear-mounted spare tire is a beautiful thing. I do like the three little stripes in the rear bumper end caps, though.


The front single-piece grille and headlight surround looks menacing, which is crazy for a car that’s only about 12 feet long and probably weighs 3,000 pounds at most.


And the Black Bison isn’t just a rendering, either. The vehicle made its debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January. Check it out:


Wald makes no mention of any sort of powertrain upgrades, making this almost certainly the most angry vehicle ever powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine.

That engine, it’s worth mentioning, shoots its spent gases out of an awesome side exhaust setup, just like that of a Mercedes G-Wagen.


Wald says on its Facebook page for UK and Europe that this Suzuki is “coming very soon.” There’s no word on pricing.

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