The Biggest, Most Awesome Automotive Fail EVER

Engine removal from a truck should never be as hard as these guys made it out to be. However, it makes for one of the best (and worst) automotive fails ever caught on camera.


Apparently everything was going fine. The engine was hoisted and out of the way. A tow rig was in place and hooked up to pull the now heartless patient off the table. But there was one thing they forgot to do which became increasingly obvious as the tow rig pulled. Damn speedometer cables always messin' up our s#!t! (Hat tip to Markstre302!)

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Hell, that ain't nothin', I know a guy, he took his Audi to get the oil changed and somehow they managed to drop it off the hydraulic lift.

You need heavy construction equipment to really fuck up big time, though. I worked on this job site where they had a tower crane about 250 feet high set up. Somehow they managed to rig the cables so one of them went over the framework instead of resting on a pulley. Every time they operated that cable it sawed away at the big crossbeam that's got the working arm on one end and those huge multi-ton counterweights on the other. Finally the cable sawed all the way through, and the counterweights fell out of the sky onto the third floor deck of the building. They punched all the way through to the basement. Strangely enough no one got killed, but I talked to one guy who was inside the building at the time, standing about ten feet away from where the counterweight came to rest. (You Jalopniks would have loved that guy; he was real sharp, but he was also AWOL a couple times because he was in jail for having too much fun on a Kawasaki Ninja.) Speaking of tower cranes, one morning I was going to cross the Courtney Campbell Causeway from Tampa to Clearwater, but there was a holdup; another tower crane lying on the ground across SR60.