The Biggest Car News Of 1970

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Fast, young and full of fun. Now you know how it’s going to be. We have twelve new mid-size action cars you’ve been longing for. With hidden windshield wipers and upper-level ventilation on most models, of course. Inside, our rich fabrics are just as durable as our standard engine, a 155hp six. Go further, and you get more than double of that, with dual exhausts and a heavy-duty clutch. In fact, you can even be the judge of what 366 horsepower can do. This is the way fun is going to be.

You know what else is fun? Talking to your local Pontiac dealer.

Illustration for article titled The Biggest Car News Of 1970

Photo credit: GM Canada via The Auto Historian

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Production line stock vs. same, a new V6 Accord is faster than any ‘70 GTO, including the “366 HP” (Gross) GTO. That’s true by every measure, including the 60 - 100 MPH segment of the full throttle run.

Pontiac itself admitted that their top “370 HP” (Gross) RAIV engine made just 279 peak SAE NET HP (the way all modern engine have been rated since the 1972 model year). The Accord does 278 SAE NET HP, is more efficient at getting the power to the ground, and is also a lighter car.

Couple that with the fact that the Accord is roughly twice as fuel efficient, and does it all on 87 octane unleaded (rather the leaded premium that was required back in the day).

In most ways, “the good ‘ol days” actually weren’t really that good.