To qualify as a Real Kid, there are two criteria that are absolutely essential. The first is that you must be a Youth, and the other is that you must have an absolutely obscene and perfect poster of a car on your wall. And some cars are more obscene and perfect than others.

When I was a kid, I had a photo of a gorgeous Papaya Orange McLaren F1 LM on my wall, right above my dresser. Why Papaya Orange, you ask?

Well, because they all were. The McLaren F1 LM, finished in McLaren's traditional livery, was basically a road-going version of the McLaren F1 GTR race car. Except, depending on who you asked, it was a bit faster as the restrictor plates on the engine were removed. It's lighter than the original F1, with no interior sound deadening, no audio system, none of the creature comforts that made the F1 such a glorious road car. But it had 680 horsepower, and an enormous wing on the back.

Only five were made for sale, while McLaren retains the prototype pictured here.

If we're speaking technically here, the exact poster I had on my wall was this one. It was beautiful, with visceral images of speed, butterfly doors, a McLaren F1, and the color orange. It was the ultimate in automotive posters, if you catch my drift.


Lots of cars, however, make for perfect posters. Show us your best ones here!